Thanks to VIZ Media, readers are able to check out “That Blue Sky Feeling” (Japanese Title: “Sorairo Flutter”), originally Okura’s 2009 webcomic then serialized with the help of artist Coma Hashii.

Enrolling into different school is a normal part of Dai Noshiro’s life and he does his best to adjust to the new community. He tries to be kind to everyone but especially to the lonely Kou Sanada. His classmates however warn him that the guy is not normal and likes men. Thinking that they are just spreading rumors, Dai interacts more with Kou even though it forms a lot of awkwardness in the school. Things take a turn when Kou tells that the rumor about his sexuality is actually true. Dai still wants to be friends with Kou but will deal with many unfamiliar things about his classmate and love.

“That Blue Sky Feeling” shows a situation some from those of the LGBT or other discriminated communities may have through. They may not be apparent but there are many boundaries people form to create separation. Dai might not know a lot about other people and their identities but his headstrong kindness leads him to some understanding and hopefully closer bond with people. Okura’s story also shows that it is nice to extend a friendly hand but some people want some personal space. Not everyone will react the same way to certain things like enjoying the company of others and mutual respect needs to be given. Coma Hashii’s illustrations fit the series well, giving a light and soft feel to balance the moments of drama.

VIZ has volumes 1-3 translated and released through their publication company. For more information, check out their webpage of the manga.

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