Two people from very different worlds come together to bond over cosplay in the mangaka Shinichi Fukuda’s romantic comedy My Dress-Up Darling.

Wakana Gojo is a bit of a loner who comes from a family of hina doll makers and inspires to be one, just like his grandfather. However, one fateful day while using the sewing machine in the high school home economics room, a trendy gyaru by the name of Marin Kitagawa spots Gojo. She doesn’t react with ridicule or disgust as Gojo expects, but rather amazement and wonder. Right there, Kitagawa asks Gojo to help her with her own hobby: cosplay. The two unlikely duo begin a friendship and open each other to new hobbies, new experiences, and new emotions.

The one of the first aspects that readers will notice about My Dress-Up Darling is the stunning artwork. Mangaka Shinichi Fukuda does not disappoint with the beautiful character designs and even goes further when designing the different outfits for Kitagawa. It is no surprise that a manga centered around cosplay would have wonderful fashion, but even Gojo’s working clothes and Kitagawa’s gal fashion tastes look stunning in Fukuda’s artstyle. Additionally, the dynamic between the two leads is simply fun and charming. Both Gojo and Kitagawa are experts in their own interests, but are happy to share their knowledge and help the other. The two main characters defying gender norms and embracing their passions will warm any reader’s heart, as well as their friendship.

Currently, there are five volumes of My Dress-Up Darling available in bookstores from Square Enix Manga, with volume six slated for an August release and volume seven slated for a release in early 2023. A twelve episode anime was released earlier this year, produced by CloverWorks (HoriMiya, The Promised Neverland, Spy X Family), and is available for streaming from Crunchyroll.