Though Animanga 2019 was finishing up with Day Three of the event, there was much to check out.

The following photos were taken by Faith Orcino (@pitangawang).

As attendees waited for the doors to open at the Pomona Fairplex hall, Final Boss Brass Band entertained them with several arrangements of anime and video game songs.

Fans of “KILL La KILL” went to the main stage to see voice actresses Carrie Keranen (Satsuki Kiryuin) and Laura Post (Ragyo Kiryuin) in their panel about the fighting video game based off of the anime. They also had a chance to challenge the guests to a match.

YouTube anisong cover artist Romi made his solo debut on Day Two and did an encore of his performance on Sunday. The set list included Porno Graffiti’s “The Day” from My Hero Academia, SID’s “Monochrome no Kiss” from “Black Butler” and Mrs. Green’s “Inferno” of “Fire Force”

Itasha Alliance once again changed its rotation of itashas on display. Sunday had a mix of previously shown ones with others making their first appearance at the event. The photos below are the ones that were only on Day Three.

The big event of the day was the cosplay contest. Many entered and coverage about it will be in this article. There were plenty of others around the convention donning their Sunday best.

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