Shannon, aka Uncooly, is an incredibly unique artist hailing from New Zealand. She has gained a mass following thanks to her fun doodles, sketches and her Yuri on Ice x Princess Bride crossover. However, she brought it upon herself to slay her audience with 90’s recreations of Yuri on Ice characters and scenes. Claiming that Sailor Moon is her muse for her 90’s series, it’s clear she has a love for the classics. Her YOI 90’s pieces are frighteningly accurate and it’s incredibly inspiring to compare them to actual 90’s anime.  The style is vibrant yet muted, giving the perfect look and feel of a screenshot straight from 1993.

You can follow Uncooly on her twitter and tumblr and you can show your support on her Ko-Fi!

A poster straight from 1993!

Beautiful boy, Katsuki Yuuri.

The “Kiss”.

The Infamous Airport Scene.

Best “Friends”

Bonus: Vic Nip Slip: