The international hobby company, VOLKS, INC., will launch an exclusive pop-up gallery experience in downtown L.A. on July 5th during Anime Expo. The gallery will showcase the history of Type Moon’s Fate Series’ relationship with the Dollfie Dream® line of products. Refreshments and photo opportunities will be available for attendees.

Open to the public, the exhibit will feature the Dollfie Dream® collaboration from Type Moon’s extremely popular “Fate” Japanese media franchise.  Fans and media will have the opportunity to interact with Dollfie Dream® products, as well as pose for photos, and gain more insight about what sets Dollfie Dream® apart from the rest of the anime collectible universe.Representatives from VOLKS USA will be on site to answer any queries.

VOLKS, INC. is the creator of the increasingly popular articulated doll, Dollfie Dream®.  A Dollfie Dream® is a nearly 2-feet articulated doll that provides true characteristics of anime figures with unique detail.  The animated facial expressions and life-like hair of the Dollfie Dream®is truly an original creation that lends to its uniqueness in anime culture.   Dollfie Dream® is also able to accurately replicate anime and video game characters, while maintaining their own special identity. The articulated joints allow for easy manipulation of its arms and legs, which adds to the doll’s distinct appearance.

“Dollfie Dream® are extremely detailed dolls which fulfill your ideal characters.  At VOLKS, the charm of our Dollfie Dream® line is the merging of dolls with the posability of action figures, mixed with our customer’s dreams”, said representatives of Volks USA.  “With our Fate Series x Dollfie Dream® History exhibition, we hope fans from all genres will come together to share wonderful memories with each other and experience the potential of our Dollfie® in the future. ”

In addition, VOLKS USA will have a booth on the exhibit floor of Anime Expo displaying their newest creations, along with a few fan favorites who have already gained a sizable following in the anime world. Anime Expo runs July 5-8 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

What: Fate Series × Dollfie Dream® History ~Heroic Spirits in LA~

When: Thursday, July 5, 2018, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Where: 1054 South Olive St., Los Angeles 90015


VOLKS, INC. strives to enrich everyone’s life through Hobby World through innovation, original creations, entertainment, and information.

Founded under the idea “We Seek Creativity”, they aim to provide the best quality hobby products and services to the world.  Volks Inc. is proud to introduce their company brands and products.  Each brand represents their customers dreams and has their own dedicated project department with a diverse range of knowledge, perspectives, and experience of hobbies.

About Dollfie Dream®

Dollfie Dream®is a dream doll just for you.  By combining a beautiful silhouette and astounding mobile capabilities that have never before been seen on a doll – the Dollfie Dream® will take your breath away.By changing their outfits, wigs, body parts, or eyes, they have infinite customizable possibilities!