CYBIRD TV Special Edition presents Voice Actor Yuki Ono and Producer Hiroto Kuramasu as part of Anime Expo’s livestream event running July 3rd & 4th; All panels also to be available via VOD July 5th to 16th.

Anime Expo Lite 2021 presents special programming and panels hosted by CYBIRD as part of this year’s two-day, livestream convention running Saturday, July 3rd through Sunday, July 4th.
CYBIRD, publisher of the popular “Otome” romance simulation “Ikémen Series” apps, joins Anime Expo Lite 2021 to present CYBIRD TV with producer Hiroto Kuramasu and special guest,
voice actor Yuki Ono. Join them for a special announcement and the latest news about upcoming CYBIRD releases.

Catch CYBIRD TV programming on Saturday, July 3 at 5:45 PM PDT (Channel 2)
Sora’s Senpai Club features VTuber, Aimu Sora. Join the premiere of his latest episode with special guest Voice Actor, Show Hayami, at Anime Expo Lite before it airs on his own YouTube Channel! Show Hayami is well known for his work in CYBIRD’s Ikemen Prince (Sariel Noir), as well as the anime series, BLEACH (Sosuke Aizen), and HYPNOSISMIC (Jakurai Jinguji). Catch Sora’s Senpai Club on Sunday, July 4 at 5:00 PM PDT (Channel 2).


Aimu Sora – Vtuber & MC
Sora Project’s Aimu Sora is a Japanese and English bilingual
Virtual YouTuber. He hosts Sora’s Senpai Club and enjoys singing,
anime, games, manga.

Hiroto Kuramasu – Cosplayer/Producer/MC
Hiroto Kuramasu is a Producer, Cosplayer, and MC at CYBIRD. He
has a special announcement for AX Lite along with voice actor YukiOno.

Show Hayami – Voice Actor
Show Hayami is from Hyogo, Japan and is most well-known for his
roles as BLEACH’s Sousuke Aizen, Sengoku Basara’s Mitsuhide
Akechi, HYPNOSISMIC’s Jakurai Jinguji, Ikémen Prince’s Sariel Noir,
and many other popular roles. Show Hayami is also active as
a narrator and lends his rich voice to anime, movies, and commercials.

Yuki Ono – Voice Actor
Yuki Ono hails from Shizuoka, Japan and is most well-known for
his work as Kuroko no Baskets Taiga Kagami, JoJos Bizarre
Adventures Jousuke Higashikata, GRANBLUE FANTASYs Gran,
Ikémen Prince’s Chevalier=Michel, and many other popular roles.


Tickets to access this year’s Anime Expo Lite programming are $5 each, with all proceeds benefiting the Hate Is A Virus commUNITY Action Fund. After the stream concludes on July 4th,
ticketholders can re-watch the content, as well as access additional programming, on a VOD basis from July 5th-16th, 2021. Anime Expo Lite 2021 marks the 30th Anniversary of the long-running annual convention. Anime Expo is the biggest North American fan celebration for Japanese pop culture including anime, TV & film, fashion, video games, manga, dance, live concerts, collectibles, and exclusive convention merchandise, presented as an unforgettable experience for fans of all ages.