CARY, NC: On July 1st through 4th, webtoons giant, Lezhin, will exhibit at their first ever US convention, Anime Expo 2017. Their booth will host Lezhin editors, cosplayers, and creators, and they have set up multiple treats for fans of their content. Foremost, they’re bringing Koogi, the creator of the wildly popular webtoon, “Killing Stalking,” and SilB, the creator of “Blood Bank” to greet fans and sign autographs. This is an extraordinary treat as they’ve never before signed in the US and their press and media exposure has been notoriously sparse.

The editors and creators alike are excited for Lezhin Entertainment’s first US appearance. James Kim, President of Lezhin’s US operations had this to say, “Anime Expo is the perfect opportunity for Lezhin to connect with our western audience. We can’t wait to finally meet our American fans in person and speak with them about their favorite titles. Let’s have some fun!”

Lezhin will host three panels during the expo; two are portfolio review sessions where creators can submit their work for Lezhin editors to review and consider for publication. Though they have hosted worldwide creator competitions before, this is the first time that the publisher will be hosting portfolio sessions in the US, making this a truly unique opportunity for artists attending Anime Expo. The editors hope that these two portfolio sessions will help American artists to showcase their work and earn the prize of publication in Lezhin’s online portfolio.

In addition to the two portfolio sessions, Lezhin is also hosting a panel on how new artists can begin publishing their digital comics. It will touch on everything from the submission process to editing and maintaining a consistent schedule and will feature a grand prize giveaway of an iPad Pro. Anime Expo will release more information on when and where these panels will take place closer to the opening of the expo.

At booth 1630, Lezhin is giving away exclusive swag and selling new BL art posters and coin gift cards throughout the entirety of the expo. For those who are unable to attend Anime Expo, Lezhin is hosting a Facebook Live event with surprise prizes for viewers.

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Scheduling interviews with the Lezhin team and editors are available by contacting or by phone at (310)-617-1612.

Lezhin Entertainment: Founded in 2012 by Han Hee Sung, Lezhin Entertainment is the largest webtoons platform in South Korea. Lezhin publishes webtoons primarily in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English. Some of their most popular titles include “Killing Stalking,” “Blood Bank,” and “Something About Us.”