With a new series, mangaka Okura brings a cute story about a mother wanting to support her son and who he is in I Think Our Son Is Gay.

Tomoko Aoyama is a typical housemother who cares deeply for her family. She takes care of her two songs, Hiroki and Yuri, while her husband, Akiyoshi, is often away for work. The family go about their lives with school, dinner, homework, and so on. However, now that Hiroki is in high school, Tomoko can’t help but notice that every so often her son accidently lets it slip about a boy he likes from his class. Wanting to be supportive, Tomoko wishes to say something to her son, but she feels it might be better for him to work things out for himself. However, Hiroki might first die of embarrassment first after he keeps letting his slip of the tongue get the better of him.

From the start, I Think Our Son Is Gay does makes a point to show that the mother, Tomoko Aoyama, loves her son for who he is. As she suspects that Hiroki may be gay, the series follows different incidents in which she observes the sort of person her son is. The manga plays out similar to a gag manga, focusing solely on the comedy and slice-of-life aspects of the family. Unlike Okura’s previous work, That Blue Sky Feeling, the series doesn’t deal with any drama or too serious of topics. Rather, it’s more a story of fluff about a mother wanting to support her son who is awkward and flustered by his own slip ups and bad lying. The series is quite adorable and enjoyable for any reader, as anyone can easily relate to Hiroki’s awkwardness about his own self-discovery and anyone would be honored to have Tomoko and Yuri as members of their family.

The first volume of I Think Our Son Is Gay has been published by Square Enix Manga. The second volume is slated for a release in October of this year. Okura’s other series, That Blue Sky Feeling, has all three volumes published by Viz Media.