Seven Seas Entertainment’s collection contains several books featuring queer romances but Kata Konayama’s 2019 series “Love Me Fore Who I Am” takes close look at characters who don’t prefer the gender roles and identities of tradional society.

High schooler Tetsu Iwaoka works at the local maid cafe and thought his classmate Ryuusuke Mogumo would be a good fit with the rest of the team. His older brother Satori runs “Question!” the crossdressing cafe and they believed it was a place where Ryuusuke may feel comfortable. However when meeting with the rest of the maids, conflict arose when the employees assumed Ryuusuke was a guy like the rest of them. While having a feminine appearance and being born male, they don’t want to identify themselves as either a boy or girl. Still thinking that Question! is a great place for them, Tetsu does his best to help and understand his non-binary friend.

“Love Me For Who I Am” brings a story not seen a lot in manga regarding gender non-conforming characters. It presents the importance of knowledge about them and how respecting their identities allows them to wholly be who they are. Some readers may relate to the dysphoria and struggles the characters experience. The series also raises awareness to locations that are meant to be safe spaces, making sure they should accommodate all in the LGBTQIA+ community. The manga is an interesting start for both the cast and readers to learn more about the gender spectrum while enjoying the story’s drama.

Volume Four of “Love Me For Who I Am” will be out on August 24th, 2021. For more information, head over to Seven Seas Entertainment’s webpage.