Anime Expo hosted their annual fashion show with four featured Japanese brands and special industry guests showing attendees why Japan really has the most cutting-edge fashion trends.

The show was hosted by Junnyan and Danny Choo. Junnyan is the founder of the Harajuku Fashion Walk and a known fashion figure from the kawaii street culture of Japan. Danny Choo is regular face AX as the owner of Mirai Inc. and host of the Japanese TV show called Culture Japan. Together the two kept the crowd in laughing spirits as they made “Japanese jokes” in between each set.

Dj Heavygrinder and her partner Katfyr played throughout each set with the kind of dancey tunes that made it hard to stay still in your seat.

Bunny & Black were the first to present their latest line. This American based couple both started out as independent artists that soon realized their work would be best suited to collaborate together. Together they make wearable art that is inspired by Japanese street style. Their inspiration for this collection came from sci-fi.

Galaxxxy came up next with their simple yet bold pieces. This Japanese based brand takes great inspiration from the 1980’s with added kawaii Harajuku flare. Brand model and famous cosplayer Akira Itsuki answered questions about her collaboration with Galaxxxy at the end of their runway line.
0000305_osomatsu-san-x-galaxxxy-rocks-eye-t-shirtSpecial industry guest Teddyloid performed the halftime show. Trying to stay seated finally became impossible and too much for the attendees to bare. He brought such a positive and engaging energy to the room that the audience had to get up to the front to dance. His style is a mix of live spinning, remixes, and singing. Once one of his famed Panty and Stocking songs came on the audience rushed the runway and stage to jump up and down with the artist.4159145097235992595-account_id=1 Acryl agitt brought about a different vibe to fashion show going from kawaii brightness to grungy visual kei. Daisuke Ichikawa’s designs range from fitted vintage silhouettes to flowing, draped hand dyed pieces. Each garment has a distinct texture to them from either a rolling dye or a unique distressing. Men and women modeled the collection, giving a very gender neutral vibe to the entire brand.

The last company to present their clothing was KOMACHI 2255631 Dark Lolita. Dynamite Tommy’s lolita dresses range from sizes 0 to 22, making sure every woman can become a gothic queen. His style of lolita is of the classic, costume gothic silhouette. Most of the models used for the show were plus size, each bringing about a dramatic presence to match the heavy metal music played for their set.
CknY2wCUkAAegdYAll of these brands had spaces in the exhibitors hall to be able to buy all the wonderful items they presented in the show. Even if you could not attend the con, these fashionable brands can also be viewed and purchased online.

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