Ever wanted to mix your glamourous manicure with the digital world? Now you can with Metaverse Nails! These nails are taking the extravagant nail art craze into the next level. These specialized nails are coded to interact with an app from your phone or tablet to create 3D hologram artworks to pop off your nails. It is a form of augmented reality that will interact with the nails you are wearing with the app itself.


Each set of Metaverse Nails is a limited edition art commission made exclusively for the brand. Metaverse wants these nails to become collected and shared over the app, like a digital kawaii pokemon card, but for glamourous nails. These social nail accessories and bling holograms, can be collected and combined together to form infinite patterned combinations, allowing you unlimited customisation!

For more info, head over to metaversenails.com.