The incredibly popular Sci-Fi Fantasy anime series, Made In Abyss will be comic to Los Angeles this Friday with a new movie titled Made in Abyss – Journey’s Dawn. Sentai Filmworks is bringing the film in Los Angeles this Friday with a Red Carpet Premiere that is open to the public! You can purchase your tickets here. Anime Ushi will be attending the event and present to you coverage of the premiere and a review of the film.

From Sentai Filmworks:

Presented in partnership with Fathom Events, tickets for MADE IN ABYSS: Journey’s Dawn are available at participating box offices all over the country and online at and The subtitles screenings will be shown on March 20th and the English dub screenings will be on March 25th.

The anime is based on the manga and original anime series, and one biggest selling points of the film is the art direction of Osamu Masayama who comes from a long career animating and overseeing animation at Studio Ghibli. His work helps to elevate the animation and artistic style of the film and works nicely with the skills of Masayuki Kojima, best known for his previous directorial role in creating the acclaimed Monster anime series.

From Fathom Events: 

Riko and her plucky band of friends dream of one day becoming Cave Raiders, exalted adventurers who brave the treacherous descent into the enigmatic Abyss. When Riko learns about the death of her mother, she longs to discover her fate. With her mysterious robot friend Reg, they set out upon a harrowing, breathtaking journey into the Abyss. But they also know that those who venture into the Abyss’ dark depths sometimes never emerge. And when they do, they are forever changed.

With never-before-seen footage, exclusive interviews with Japanese creators and a behind-the-scenes look with Japanese studio Kinema Citrus, MADE IN ABYSS: Journey’s Dawn is one special event anime fans won’t want to miss.


The enigmatic Abyss is an unforgiving and deadly place. Despite the dangers, it still captures the imagination of explorers such as Riko who wishes to follow in her mother’s footsteps and trains hard to become a Cave Raider. One day, she receives news that her mother died in the Abyss, yet a mysterious note tells Riko that her mother may still be alive. Vowing to uncover the truth about her mother’s fate, Riko embarks on a journey with a humanoid robot boy name Reg. Together, they will discover if they have what it takes to survive where so many others have perished.