Look at all of these cute beans. Normally, I have a short paragraph discussing the art style and artist for the month but for the Holiday Season, we simply wanted to compile some cute fanart of some great characters with a holiday theme. All credit goes towards the respected artists. Click on each image to be taken to the original source.

Sora from Kingdom Hearts dons his Halloweentown garb to deliver presents while Sailor Moon‘s Usagi poses beautifully in the sunset (or a harvest moon). 


Reena Arauko


Tsukiyama Shuu from Tokyo Ghoul wearing, literally, the greatest suit ever.


Yuuri & Viktor from Yuri!!! on Ice sharing a smooch under the mistletoe while Deku from My hero Academia enjoys what I assume is a warm beverage.














One Punch Man’s Genos, Saitama and Sonic sharing a scarf.


Urakaka, Deku and Iida, the trio of besties from My Hero Academia sharing some Holiday cheer.