New English publisher Kaiten Books recently acquired the licenses for the English publication of “My Dad’s the Queen of All Vtubers?!” by Wataru Akashingo and Kanko Nakamura’s “UzaMaid: Our Maid is Way Too Annoying!”

Synopsis (From Press Release):
“VTubers, these online entertainers have seen a sudden surge in popularity, capturing the hearts of millions.

But none of them have quite become as much of a household name as Kizuke Yai, the so-called ‘Queen of VTubers.’ Takashi, an average high-school student, is one of her biggest fans. He always tunes in to her broadcasts, and he might even have a little crush on her… Kizuke Yai is the real deal, an actual cute girl behind the screen, at least according to the rumors… But reality is often disappointing.

The Queen of all VTubers is actually Takashi’s dad.

The hapless youngster stumbles upon his old man’s dark secret, and soon finds himself flung into a nightmarish world of virtual song, dance, and endless cringe. Will Takashi succeed in getting his dad to quit, or will he find himself drawn deeper into the booming virtual scene despite this disillusionment?”

According to the release, “The whole team was practically in fits of laughter as we read this one over, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone as well.”

Synopsis (From Press Release):
“After the tragic loss of her mother, Misha Takanashi had all but shut herself away from the world. Her father desperately tried to hire new maids in order to take care of her and the housework while he’s busy with his own job, but it was to no avail as she manages to run them out of the position–all of them except one.
Before she knows it, Misha finds herself the center of attention of one Kamoi Tsubame, an eccentric ex-JSDF master sergeant who isn’t fazed in the slightest by Misha’s attempts to drive her away. Enamored by the adorable little girl, Tsubame makes it her personal goal to get Misha to open up her heart to her (and maybe even get her to wear the cute clothes she makes as well.)
While her intentions are (mostly) good, Tsubame has a habit of taking things to the extreme when it comes getting closer to Misha, leading to all sorts of crazy situations that exasperate her to no end.
Now, the pressure is on as Misha tries to find a way to deal with a maid who’s just way too annoying!”

No set date of physical or digital release has been set yet for either of these books. However, interested readers can head over to Crunchyroll to watch the anime of “UzaMaid”.

While fans are waiting for that announcement, Kaiten Books has two titles they can pick up digitally.

“Loner Life in Another World” is an isekai series about Haruka. He usually keeps to himself during his time in high school but things drastically changes when something transported the class to another realm. Each gain special skills thanks to the mysterious god and they must learn to use them to survive the new land.

Head over to the series’s webpage to see a preview and also where you can grab you own copy.

Recently released in mid-May, “Shed that Skin, Ryugasaki-san!” from Kazutomo Ichitomo is a unique romance between Yugami-kun and his lizardgirl classmate Ryugasaki-san. His fascination with reptiles is what first attracted him to her but Ryugasaki-san wants to prove there’s more beyond the molten skin and scales. Reader discretion is advised due to nudity.

Check out the book’s webpage for a preview and places you can purchase digitally. No physical release date as been announced.