Readers dove into the life of artist Kabi Nagata as she retells the path she took to creating her 2016 autobiography “My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness” and how she tackled the crisis she had in her life.

The book began as a Pixiv webcomic about Nagata when she is about to have her first sexual experience with another person in 2015, but then shifted back ten years when she graduated high school. She went to college but dropped out and picked up a part-time job. During that time, she was depressed with an eating disorder. The manga recounted how her health deteriorated and led to the loss of that job. However, when those dark thoughts on life reached her during that low point, her anger at the situation pushed her to do better.

Nagata gives a very raw recap of that decade of her life. Though she has an overall clean art style, there is a roughness in the shading that adds texture to the story both visually and figuratively. While one might consider some of the writing a bit like jumbled rambling, it is a clear look into Nagata’s personality. The many crowded thoughts are also an accurate representation of anxiety and she seems to be very candid about her mental health, sexuality and other bodily ailments. Though they are very sensitive issues that some try to hide, the manga brings awareness to many things that affect a lot people today. She also gives her thought on the difference between what social history and even fiction such as doujinshis portray and how it actually happens. It feels like Nagata doesn’t shy away from any thought and puts it all in her manga, especially those might strike a painful chord with readers. “My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness” shows that not everything will happen like society said it will, but you can work to that level of a wholesome life the way that fits you. The book will both break and warm hearts but that is the bittersweet taste of life.

Seven Seas Entertainment released the sequel novel “My Solo Exchange Diary” in June 2018. It depicted the time right after “Lesbian Experience” when she moved out of her parent’s home. She made little entries addressed to herself and recounted her journey of finding love with someone and herself. For more information on both books, visit the publisher’s website.

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