Saturday night of Anime California 2019 brought many attendees to the Main Events room to watch the competitive showcase of cosplay along with the awaited results of the anime music video contest.

All photos were taken by Faith Orcino and will be shown in order of appearance, excluding those that received mentions and awards.

Musical Guest of Honor Kohei giving a pre-show performance.

Masquerade Judges The Fashionable Cupcake (Left) and Shawshank (Right)

Honorable Mentions

Novice Performance Winners

Novice Craftsmanship Winner

Journeyman Performance Winners

Journeyman Craftsmanship Winner

Overall Performance Winner

Overall Craftsmanship Winners

Best in Show Winners

During the intermission, the staff announced the AMV contest winners. Check out our article about the contest and the finalists.

Congratulations to all the competitors and the winners.

To find out more about Anime California, visit their website.