Organizers of the Anime California 2019 anime music video contest showed their selection for audience voting on Day Two of the event. From over 160 submissions, the following seven videos won in their respective categories.

Trailer – “The Wolves of Hill House” by Tasha Livingstone – Otaku Lounge Productions

Drama and Judges’ Choice – “You Know How I Feel” by NATALEO

Action – “Spill the Blood” by Trenzilla

Sentimental and Best in Show – “Halo” by NekoKitkat25hug

Upbeat – “Dance Like It’s Your Life” by Synæsthesia Productions

Artistic – “Manic Melody” by BecauseImBored1

Comedy – “Millions Dead” by PaNTSU of d00m

To check out more of the AMV candidates, check out this compiled playlist from Otaku Lounge Productions.
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