Local clothing designer Song Ja Park has become a staple at conventions throughout Arizona. Over the years her small little booth of handmade lolita goods has grown into a small business ranging from custom geek chic dresses to unique quirky accessories.

This year at Phoenix Comic Con, Song led the fashion show with her Star Wars themed wedding party gowns.
13435491_10157029742525164_5140322950046308137_nI had the chance to speak with Song and get to more about this entrepreneur of Phoenix’s fashion world.

Song has been sewing since she was little, but really started to pursue her craft through cosplay around 12 years old. She would go to small local events held at shops like Atomic Comics, back when comic conventions were sparse and she found any outlet to go dress up.

Japanese street fashion fascinated her, especially lolita fashion. After doing some extensive research into brands like Angelic Pretty and Baby! The Stars Shine Bright, she soon realized how expensive this style was. Song then took her up her sewing skills to then match and make her own versions of her favourite cords.

Over the years, she has taken a little less inspiration from just the lolita side of street fashion to the more creative sides of Harajuku and comic book pop culture.971523_325705420896007_859954867_n (1)Song has perfected the art of cloth, but currently she says her favourite medium is clay and all the different possibilities that come with it. If given an unlimited budget, her ideal cosplay would be to make a full Rei plugsuit from Evangelion.

When I asked what her dream job would be she told me she was already living it. Her job consists of making dresses and items for her online shop and for cons. She gets to have unique one on one interaction at cons and have a personal experience with each of her customers.

Cake Shop Couture is still only Arizona based, physically, but everyone should check out this highly skilled artists work online at: http://www.cakeshopcouture.com/


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