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“To Each Your Sarah”
Director Kim Deokgeun’s film “To Each Your Sarah” follows a woman as she begins work in her hometown processing facility. She wants to be called “Sarah Lee” even though she works beside her sister. She struggles this new life as she tries to cut off ties from her husband. Sarah wishes for the posh comforts she had but cruel reality sets in as she understands the rules of the workforce.

This short resonates with feature film “A French Woman” as both leading ladies try to move on from marriage. Unlike the psychological thriller, “To Each Your Sarah” is more down to Earth as Sarah deals with the hierarchy and deception. Check out the project’s facebook page for more information and trailer.

“Air Conditioner in Panmunjeom”
Repairman gets the job of the life time when he has to go to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to fix a broken air conditioner in one of the UN meeting rooms. His cheerful spirits become cold sweats when he discovers the complications along with the eyes of soldiers from both sides.

This short from Lee Tae-hun brings up political commentary through its funny story. It shows the tense reality and some of the strange tactics to maintain compliance but also a dream of unity through whimsical scenes.
The Arirang program “Peace Insight” featured Lee and his film last Christmas and he spoke more about him and the team making the film at the DMZ.

“ALIEN” opens to two women Reonghee and Hongmae sharing a meal in their rundown room. They head to work in a metal work factory and the day takes a terrible turn when people start fleeing from immigration agents. The two women try to escape but Reonghee falls to her death. Hongmae wants to pay proper respects to her friend but finds out the complications when an illegal immigrant dies.

Director Yeon Jegwang’s short gives the highly debated issue of immigration work in a different perspective that those in the US would not know about. Even if fictional, some audience members may understand the feeling of loss and unable to properly say goodbye.
The short was part of the 2019 Cannes Festival and those interested can visit their website to see a trailer and find more information about “ALIEN”.

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