Akane Shimizu’s series “Cells at Work!” take a close look at the inner works of the human body. Readers follow a cheerful and energetic red blood cell as she delivers oxygen to others. However, her job gets a bit complicated when nasty viruses and bacteria intrude. Luckily the immune system steps into action to protect their host and their fellow microbes. The hot-headed white blood cells along with others from the lymphatic vessels fight against the vicious infectants. It seems the team is able to fend off against some of the common illnesses, but it is only time until the find something that will pass through their defenses and make the body sick.

Shimizu truly magnifies the microscopic world of somatic cells into a grander scale by transforming the blood stream into a unique cityscape. While most of the characters have seemingly normal human forms, each have certain aspects relating to their original function and/or form. For example, the manga’s protagonist the red blood cell has a reversible jacket that she switches side depending if she’s carrying oxygen or carbon dioxide. Interested readers don’t need to brush up on their human anatomy because Shimizu provides the necessary background information either through insert boxes or character dialogue. Even with all of the extra text, little hinders from enjoying the action and mayhem the cast goes through.

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