TOKYO, JAPAN (June 28, 2017), NePt Japan Inc. and the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA) are excited to announce the return of maidreamin and renown international pole dancer, momoMc with Steven D’Onofrio newly selected as MC for Night Cafe , for Anime Expo 2017. In addition, they will also be bringing the talents of renowned sound producer DJ BASTA-ROW and fashion label Baby Doll Tokyo this year to some of AX17’s exciting festivities including the AX Dance, Lounge 21, the annual fashion show and more.

About maidreamin
Known as the symbol of Akihabara, maidreamin has grown to become the top maid café restaurant in Japan with over 16 locations and over 400 maids. Famous for entertaining patrons with cute magical performances along with their unique menu, maidreamin has become the very definition of the “Moe moe, kyun!” experience.
Three of the top maids, Ayame, Peace and Yuno, will be providing attendees with an authentic maid service this year. They will entertain with their performance of the official 2017 Anime Expo song and more. In addition, fans will get a special opportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise from their booth.
Maidreamin will be performing twice per day at the AX 2017 maid café, at 10AM and 1PM (times subject to change).
Get a sneak peek at some of the upcoming festivities with this video of maidreamin from 2016:

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About momoMc
Returning to AX 2017 is the world-famous Japanese artistic pole dancer, momoMc (pronounced “MOMO MAC”) who will be joining this year’s exciting events including the AX Night Café, AX Dance and Lounge 21. She has won various titles including Grand Award Winner in 2015 at the prestigious International Theater Japan (Professional Pole Comedy) and at Pole Battle Tokyo (Sexy Category).
momoMc’s blend of style and technique not only shows off her amazing athleticism, cuteness and sensuality, but has enthralled thousands of passionate fans over the past decade, always leaving them yearning for more.
This year, she will be dazzling attendees with several costumes during her performances including a maid, a geisha, and cosplays from various popular anime series, such as Ayanami Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Rum from Uruseiyatsura.
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About Steven D’Onofrio
Steven is an official content creator for In his comedy web series, KAWNPAI, Steven creates custom cocktails based on an anime or video game. He also has a YouTube series titled I JUST ARTED. The series focuses on Steven (and guests) drawing and drinking together. Guests on the show currently include voice actresses, Tara Sands (Pokemon), Danielle McRae (League of Legends) and Lauren Landa (Sailor Moon). Steven is an advocate of showing your true colors. He wants to create content that not only make the viewer smile, but make them feel comfortable about being who they truly are.

About DJ-BASTA Row
DJ BUSTA-ROW is an acclaimed DJ/sound producer, hailing from the prestigious V2 TOKYO club in Roppongi, Japan. Having started his career in 2008, DJ BUSTA-ROW’s many achievements include winning first place as the representative for Japan at the worldwide DJ competition, Miller SoundClash 2015 held in Las Vegas.

In 2016, DJ BUSTA-ROW brought his talents to a few of the world’s largest dance festivals, including “ULTRA KOREA,” “SPECTRUM DANCE FESTIVAL,” as well as an invitation to the award-winning night club “Privilege” in Spain. Earlier this year, he performed at “EDC JAPAN 2017,” one of the most famous music festivals in the world.

His extensive discography includes producing the total mix and remix for “V2 TOKYO EXCLUSIVE PARTY HITS vol. 2,” as well as performing alongside some of the most renown DJs in the world including Afrojack, The Chainsmokers, DANNIC, TJR, Deorro, Quintino and Ummet Ozcan.
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About Baby Doll Tokyo
For the past 16 years, Baby Doll Tokyo helped pioneer the modern culture of corsets in Japan. Under the direction of designer of Baby Doll Tokyo, Mirano Midorikawa opened her first store in Harajuku and was among the first to produce originally designed bodysuits and corsets. Mirano became inspired to provide her customers with a unique corset fashion statement that is light and comfortable to wear that emphasizes beautiful curves over traditional corsets. Mirano hopes that her corset will fascinate women of all ages to be immersed in the pleasure of seeing their own beautiful image reflected in the mirror.

In the media, Baby Doll Tokyo’s extraordinary work has been featured in various collaborations including the 2015 horror film Strange Circus along with stage costumes for high-profile celebrities such as Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki and Lady Gaga.

The AX17 Fashion Show this year will be produced by Mirano with hair and makeup by Hiroto Kuwahara, who is known for his skills in facial mapping in the film industry. Models Tsunamayo and RIE will also be representing the cosplay culture and fetish scene of Shinjuku respectively. Revolving around the theme of “The City of Tokyo and My Boudoir,” this year’s show will showcase the ever-changing landscape of Tokyo with a special emphasis on the upcoming 2020 Olympics.

Please stop by and enjoy this unique vision of Japan with Baby Doll Tokyo.
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About NePt Japan
NePt Japan is an independent PR/Marketing & Consulting agency based in Tokyo, that specializes in branding, business development, talent relations and project coordination. NePt Japan takes a custom approach for each and every client. In the past 3 years, NePt Japan has assisted over 20 events with guest acquisition and support.

Current and past event clients include: Dubai Comicon, Abu Dhabi ANI:ME, Anime Expo, Hyper Japan, Japan Expo, J-POP Summit and Kota Buku in Malaysia

Current and past talent supported: maidreamin, momoMc, A440 Hatsune Miku AR, HADO, E-sports SUPICO, Grendizer, Asaku Samurai, Koakkkuma and Akkuma, Ossan, SanaSenaBona, Umebara Hibari, Zombear and YANAKIKU