Conventions like Anime Expo open up spaces for artists local and far to show their beautiful work to attendees. Many times they bring in the cream of the crop, but this year is extra special and filled with the dank memes that pop.

We took a look at the current list of artists appearing in the alley and noticed some intriguing names. We chose some share and hopefully will shine a spotlight at those who tickled our fancy.



Maybe there will be high-waisted pants and tank tops.

Someone needs their big bro.

How everyone will feel after AX.

I’m not sure if Batman knows when his robin will be back.

These two are deep in the weeb.



Names with food are cool, but strange ones are dank.


You sure?

Now this is just weird.


They love those large muscular men, I guess.

But what happened to Boss #2?

And finally, our last featured mystery artist:

Check them out along with the rest of the alley during Anime Expo 2017 July 1st – 4th at the LA Convention Center.