As a big fan of the “boys love” category, the themes and tropes can start to get a little over done. It is finding those rare gems that make certain stories really stick out. Aitsu no Daihonmei or His Most Favourite is definitely one of those stories. Tanaka Suzuki first started this story back in 2008 introducing the term “sloppy/ugly uke,” making this funny boys love story really stand apart.Aitsu no Daihonmei volumen 3The story follows Yoshida who is a short, scrawny, scarred, and generally unattractive boy who has all the girls in the class hating him. Why do they hate him you ask? Well Sato, the tall, suave, and most handsome boy in the school, always uses hanging out with Yoshida as an excuse to turn down all the girls. As it turns out Sato has really had a crush on Yoshida since childhood, but his sarcastic personality is hard to decipher if he is ever truly genuine with his feelings.


In the beginning of September, Libre Publishing announced on their official web-site that it will be publishing its 9th volume of Aitsu no Daihonmei. Along with this announcement, they teased us on twitter that this manga could also be getting a live-action adaptation! Later on in the month they teased us even more with promotional pictures and two videos promoting either a live action movie or tv series.

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As a long time fan of this series, I could not be more ecstatic to see this get played out. The series is extremely light hearted and funny, taking a very silly approach to the typical boys love genre. From the main characters to the silly supporting characters, the whole manga is one that I have read time and time again never getting bored. I cannot wait to see how they take the distinguished personality of each character  and bring them into real life. Until we get further news about the airing dates I highly recommend catching up on the story through SuBLime imprint by Viz Media.