Viz Media’s Shonen Jump brought fans “Platinum End,” the latest series by writer Tsugumi Ohba and artist Takeshi Obata, the creative duo of the hit series “Death Note.”

Mirai Kakehashi planned to end his life soon after he graduated from middle school. Life has been dismal since the death of his parents and being under the care of his relatives. However, things went a different way when the angel Nasse whisked him away from danger. She then gave him his own pair of wings that travel incredibly fast and a special arrow with strange functions. The last “gift” she gave Mirai was the information regarding his parents who actually died by the hands of the relatives that took in him. Still testing out his new abilities, Mirai flew straight to his home and struck his aunt with an arrow of love. The swell of adoration filled her and she quickly confessed to the crime and soon after killed herself. Mirai and Nasse abandoned the place and the angel explained her true purpose. Along with 12 other angels, Nasse must have her chosen human become a presentable candidate as the next god. Mirai had a small time to gather his thoughts and composure because some of the other candidates are in the area.


Once again Ohba and Obata played around with the idea of mortality, but they packed “Platinum End” with more action in comparison to “Death Note.” Though having similar appearances, Mirai was a polar opposite of Light Yagami, especially his lack of drive and confidence. The story’s pacing might left some readers still trying to comprehend what is going on, but it left them close to feeling Mirai felt in the manga. While Shonen Jump published the series, they gave it a “Mature” rating for the large amount of bloody violence and other adult scenes and themes. Those of age will see that “Platinum End” shows that there is more to life and angels watch over us.

“Platinum End” Volume Three will be hitting shelves in August 2017, but the first two volumes are available for purchase along with some of the chapters digitally. Visit Viz Media’s site for more information.