Another Halloween season is over, but some of the monsters are still here to play. Publishers Kodansha Comics and Seven Seas Entertainment have a number of new titles filled with mystical creatures trying to assimilate with human life.

“The Wolf-Boy is Mine”


When Komugi Kusunoki’s mom leaves to work in Fukuoka for a year, she takes the opportunity to move to her dad’s place in Hokkaido. She hopes that this restart in her school life can be better than the one she left in city, but it started to be a fleeting dream when she caught the eye, rather nose of one of the school’s princes, Yū Ōgami. Komugi is now on the radar of one of the most popular boys and also female social groups. She wishes for Yū to stop clinging onto her, but things take a turn to the strange when she find him with wolf ears and tail. It seems that he is part wolf and his three other friends are ayakashi or animals with spiritual powers. In the short time she’s been on campus, Komugi discovers one of the biggest secrets about the idols of Maruyama High. Due to her inability to be hypnotized, she promises to keep quiet about their true selves.

There seems to be some mystery that lingers from Komugi in Yoko Nogiri’s manga. The series also has a bit of a similar feel to Natsuki Takaya’s “Fruits Basket” with the animal transformation secret, but the story in “Wolf-Boy” so far seems to be lighter with funny parts. Volume Three will hit shelves in early January 2017, but previous volumes are available for purchase now both online and physically. Visit Kodansha’s site for more information.

“Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”


Having an extra set of hands to take care of other chores never hurt, especially when you have a full-time office job. However for Miss Kobayashi, her helper, Tohru also has a pair wings, horns and a tail. The two ended up living together after a drunk Kobayashi half-heartedly offered the lonely dragon a place to stay. The sobered-up human reluctantly accepts her new roommate, enjoying some of the additional benefits of mystical abilities, like riding on a dragon’s back when running late. For now it’s just the office lady and her dragon maid, but it might get more interesting when old friends and acquaintances join in the fun.

Creator Coolkyoushinja (yes, that is his pen name) is no stranger to slice-of-life manga and some English-subbed anime fans would recognize his works “Komori-san Can’t Decline” and “I Can’t Understand What My Husband is saying.” With the additional factor of magical beings, the series has an entertaining mix of daily life and fantasy. Some chapters switch between the point of views of Miss Kobayashi and Tohru, but it is more fun when Tohru applies some of her abilities to some mundane tasks. Volume Two will be available for purchase in February 2017, but fans can enjoy its upcoming anime adapatation from Kyoto Animation in January. For more information, visit Seven Seas Entertainment’s site.

“Interviews With Monster Girls”


High school has always been a hub for learning, developing and growth for both students and teachers. It is especially true for Shibasaki High’s biology teacher Tetsuo Takahashi who has the dream of understanding one of the world’s unique beings, demi-humans, or “demis.” Instead of being ostracized and hunted down, the government recognize demis like vampires and succubi as almost the same as human citizen and provide services for their wellbeing. A rare opportunity approaches him in the form of freshman vampire Hikari Takanashi. With her help, he hopes to gather interesting information and learn about the special residents.

Creator Petos’ variations on some of the classic and iconic monsters are somewhat unique compared to others, notably with the government regulations. Seeing how each of the demis try to have some form of a normal life gives depth to the series including the students’ struggle to fit in with their human peers. Volume Two will arrive in January 2017 and so will also its anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures. For more information, visit Kodansha Comics’ site.



Everyone get second chances in life, but Tomokui Kanata literally received a new life after his female stalker killed him. However, he reborns as a goblin, a being at the bottom of the chain of monsters in fantasy adventures. While living with his new body under the name Gob-Rou, he still retains his previous life’s memories and knowledge. With the information and peculiar ability of gaining new skills after consuming certain creatures, he strives to make use of this reincarnation.

Writer Kanekiru Kogitsune and artist Kobayakawa Haruyoshi pack a lot in their first volume. It seems nearly as soon as Gob-Rou learned how to throw a punch, he quickly evolved and reached a high standing within the clan in no time. Questions rise up when looking at the “leveling-up” system of the powers and also Gob-Rou’s former life as Tomokui. Hopefully Volume Two will bring answers when Seven Seas Entertainment releases it in February 2017. For more information, visit Seven Seas’ site.