Kodansha Comics brings shoujo artist Rin Mikimoto’s latest series “Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight” for fans of romance.

Many admire Hinana Hanazawa since she is one of the top students in her high school. As also a member of the student council, she keeps an aura of maturity and independence around her peers. However none of them know that she still clings on to fairy-tale dreams of having her own Prince Charming. Things change when her school becomes the set of a movie and the staff recruits her and her friend as extra. One of the actors is Kaede Ayase who has a large female fanbase and is someone that makes Hinana’s heart flutter. Despite being a handsome boy of fame and fortune, her image of Kaede shatters when she spots him checking out girls’ behinds from afar. It seems that her prince has a perverted side but it doesn’t stop them from getting closer.

It is interesting that Kodansha calls “Kiss Me” as a “Cinderella story” according to the first volume’s synopsis because while Hinana is from a seemingly middle class family, she herself is of high standing on campus. It seems that at least within the first book that the student faces little opposition and drama but it is due to the efforts the two do to keep their relationship a secret. The fact that high schooler Hinana is seeing the 24-year old actor is concerning especially with Kaede’s butt fetish. An age gap is not an unfamiliar things in both reality and in Mikimoto’s collection of work. It appears that the actor is genuinely interested in Hinana and hopefully he has no devious plans that will crush her heart.

Currently there are four volumes available for “Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight” in both print and digital with Volume Five hitting shelves in May 2018. Kodansha also translates Mikimoto’s 2007 series “Love’s Reach” as a digital manga. Visit the publisher’s website to check out both titles and read online previews.

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