Day 10: Kiss and White Lily for my Dearest Girl by Canno


Artist Canno’s first solo series “Kiss and White Lily for My Dearest Girl” recently joined the growing library of yuri/shoujo ai (girls love) manga available to English readers thanks to Yen Press.

Ambitious Ayaka Shiramine wants to continue her long-running streak of topping the exam lists as she enters the high school of Seiran Academy. However she has yet to claim the number One spot because her fellow classmate Yurine Kurosawa keeps on getting the highest score. Compared to Ayaka who spends many hours studying, it seems that Yurine accomplishes her assignments with little to no effort. Frustration and jealousy grows within Ayaka as Yurine gets closer to her. Something about the determined student catches the sleepy genius eye and possibly heart. It is up the girls to figure out if their new relationship will bear any fruit or go sour.

The personalities of Canno’s characters provide a lot of comedy for readers to enjoy, however she brings out the drama when the story addresses their flaws. Anxiety and fear of failure are things all students of past and present go through and “Kiss” shows that there is always someone there for support. Canno also showcases some of the other couples outside of the main cast, especially in adorable shorts after each chapter. Overall “Kiss and White Lily for My Dearest Girl” will warm hearts with its tales of love through the ladies at Seiran Academy.

Those with a keen eye may spot Canno’s use of flowers and other plants within her illustrations. One might assume she knows hanakotoba, the Japanese language of flowers as she pairs characters with certain ones on each volume cover. Fans will have to wait until May to see what floral arrangement she made and who will be taking the spotlight in Volume Two. For more information, visit Yen Press’s site.

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