It’s World Penguin Day! That’s a thing? Apparently! Who doesn’t love penguins?! Check out these lovely little guys.

The Penguin Empire from Daimidaler: Prince vs Penguin Empire

I’m not a fan of this series (what with the groping of breasts throughout) but even I have to admit that the Penguin Empire is amazing. They have they’re own “way” of executing combat.


Pen-Pen from Neon Genesis Evangelion 

Shinji’s iconic and most popular roommate was obviously Pen-Pen, not Asuka or Misato. He also LOVES beer!

Piplup from Pokemon 

In the Diamond and Pearl series, new character Dawn chooses a Piplup as her starter. It’s hilarious antics made him a fan-favorite.

All the Penguins from Penguindrum
There are so many?! One little guy saves a little girl’s life. After, she is able to transform into a penguin-like magical girl. They’re all cute as hell. Panty-shots and penguins? What’s not to love?

Penguin from Polar Bear’s Cafe
An intelligent, alcoholic (debatable), sarcastic, romantic penguin? And voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, the man behind Levi and Trafalger Law? Sign us up!

Nagisa Hazuki from the Free! series. 
Although NOT a real penguin, he is represented as one; like a spirit animal. Look how adorable he is! (Before you ask, yes, both of these images are OFFICIAL)