Seven Seas Entertainment celebrated last year’s Valentine’s Day with an announcement of obtaining the English licence of Nakatani Nio’s series “Bloom Into You.”

Readers follow Yuu Koito who just started her freshman year of high school. While she does her best to start this new chapter of her life on the right foot, Yuu left some loose ends. She has yet to give her answer to a love confession of a close middle school classmate. Her indecisiveness to make a choice regarding the confession and a club has her stuck in a lull until she runs into student council member Touko Nanami. The older student is a bit of star within the campus community with her diligent work and good looks. With Touko as her mentor, Yuu finally is able reach a resolution with her problems. The future seems a bit brighter with the clouds gone for the freshman but complications return when Touko falls head over heels for her. Love doesn’t always work like it does in the shoujo manga.

“Bloom” is Nio’s first original series, but she has experience creating manga through working in the doujinshi (self-published content) industry. In the afterward of the manga’s first volume, she tells readers how she gained recognition from her yuri (girls love) fan books and how her editor found her at a convention. While the typical characters play out their roles in the start of the romance, Nio gives each a personality that are relatable and quite tangible in the real world. Especially through the leading lady Yuu, Nio shows that there is a lot to learn about love and about yourself.

Currently Volume One is out and the second installment will be released on May 16th. For more information on “Bloom into You,” visit Seven Seas Entertainment’s site.