April 29th will be a day in anime and fandom history. On this day in Japan, hundreds of Yuri!!! on Ice fans gathered at the at the Disneyland Resort in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan. And I was awake for the entire thing, keeping up to date with live tweets as they were posted. I was there for all the live play-by-plays. I HAVE NOT SLEPT. SHARE THIS WITH YOUR WEEB FRIENDS.

Before the main event, which started around 10-10:30 am JST, fans were treated with a small museum viewing of recent Yuri!!! on Ice merch that has not yet been released as well as new displays for fans to take photos of. These displays included acrylic panels of the main trio and mannequin displays wearing new tuxedos and suits in collaboration with the marriage apparel company ‘with a WISH‘.

Nothing was spared for this event. Announced back in January, a month after season 1 ended, the Yurii!!! on Stage was carefully planned and executed and it showed! The live reading was read by the voice actors and written by series creator Misturo Kubo herself; a script that would make even the most hardcore fans blush (and we did!). The script included drunken debauchery, naked stretching, a jealous Viktor and Yuuri, male on male flirting and kissing, catty insults and a line from Yuuri Katsuki that made this writer and many others die from romance between our two beloved main characters.

While I am not currently in Japan, the internet makes everything available in real time, as if we are there enjoying with our fellow fans. The amazing Gin (Jin?) aka @denkimouse and others who attended the event on Twitter gave us fans a play-by-play on what went on before and during the live stage event and spared no details and images.

Right as denkimouse’s (and other’s) tweets blazed our feed, fans took to twitter to share their artwork of the shenanigans they concocted in a matter of minutes! Check out some of my favorites:

There’s even a fan fiction already out! You guys work fast.

After the reading, it was announced that there will be a new Yurii!!! on Ice movie that is set to hit theaters with all brand new content! Fans rejoiced, cried, screamed and apparently died. Creator Kubo-san then tweeted her attempt to make the announcement sign.

Juinichi Suwabe, voice of Viktor Nikiforov, even dyed his hair silver and wore an outfit of Viktor’s for the event. Talk about extra.

While there was no filming or recording during the event, it was announced that a Blu Ray of the event will be released in July of this year! Do yourself a favor and buy it.

Thank you Yuri!!! on Ice staff for everything!!!

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