Image stills courtesy of GKIDS.

Distributor GKIDS with Fathom Events held a special two-night event of limited screenings of Studio Trigger’s latest movie “Promare”.

The world changed when people all around the world suddenly burst into flames. The eruption caused a global firestorm, making chaos and destruction. However humanity survived as “Promare” jumped 30 years after the event. Many technological developments helped preserve modern society such as the Burning rescue team. It is up to the crew and its headstrong and eccentric member Galo Thymos to protect the city from those with the fiery mutation, the Burnish. Stopping the flames seemed like an ordinary part of life for Galo but when he encountered the leader of the Mad Burnish group Lio Fotia, he discovered secrets beyond the flames and violence.

“Promare” was a visual adventure. While it contained many signature design elements, Studio Trigger experimented with other styles including a deep dive into computer-generated animation. The familiarity helped ease in the audience as the film used the unconventional choice of colored outlines instead of the typical black lines. In the post-film round table video, the creative director Hiromi Wakabashi discussed how the crew worked out to use the “self-colored” outlines, making adjustments to make sure it had the right feel for the movie.

All of these newer components played more to the advancement of the world’s current state in the movie. Some may have complained about the CG portions but it was a technique that helped bring the epic scenes with ease to the production team and raise it to a new level. Even with all the flash and bangs, the movie’s story was one about the worth of humanity. It raised the issue of treatment of those that are ostracized due to differences from the majority. It kept tipping the scales of who and what was good and evil, leaving the audience wrapped up in its mystery.

According to GKIDS’s Twitter announcement, the film will be having special encore screenings in North America with Fathom Events on December 8th. They mentioned that there will be “brand-new exclusive content”. For more information on “Promare” check out GKIDS’s website.