Juicy red Apples, golden leaves on the ground crunching beneath our feet, the crisp, chilly air brushing against our skin in the glowing sun. Autumn is upon us.  And what better way to celebrate the start of the season than with some lovely, fall-themed cosplay. For this featured cosplay roundup, we gathered cosplay characters that had something to due with “Fall”; be it the type of cosplay theme, if that cosplay has “Fall” in the character’s name or series the character is from and even the cosplayer’s actual movement. These are not to be confused with Halloween cosplay; those will come later this year. Cover image is Maleficent from the film Maleficent by Emily Rosa.

The Red Bandit – The Fall by Novalee Cosplay


Cinder Fall – RWBY by Alice in Cosplay


Falling Down the Hole – Alice from Alice in Wonderland by Cornelia Gillmann


Autumn Ivy – DC Comics by bekajacoba


Holo – Spice and Wolf by Friss

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