All images courtesy of Yen Press.

Six new titles will be joining Yen Press’s large collection of translated books. No date has been announced since these are their latest acquisitions but they will be bringing more news to their Anime Expo Lite industry panel at 1:20PM-2:05PM PST on July 3rd.


Kazuma Kamachi’s light novel “A Certain Magical Index SS”, the first spin-off of the hit series features three popular characters as they tackle strange challenges. Kamijou Touma has to deal a party with his classmates while Hamazura causes trouble. Accelerator goes deep into Academy City, finding someone expecting his arrival.

Aki and Yamigo Kureha bring the manga adaptation of the web novel “The White Cat’s Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King’s Lap”. The protagonist of this isekai goes into another world with a girl they do not like. She becomes a revered priestess while he transforms into her cat. Now as a feline, the protagonist wants to find a way to payback for the mess she got him into.

“Keito Koume Illustrations: Spice & Wolf – The Tenth Year Calvados” is the must-have art book for fans of the series. Revisit Koume’s work like volume covers and others in full color.

Yen Press brought its readers the “Spice & Wolf” light novel spin-off “Wolf & Parchment” and now they will translate its manga adaptation.

Artist Hidori will draw out the adventures of Lawrence and Holo’s daughter Miyuki as she travels with her parents’ friend Col as the man pursues to be a member of the clergy, much to his surprise.

Like, the news of “Wolf & Parchment”, Yen Press will be bringing Koutarou Yamada’s manga adaptation of “Sword Art Online Project Alicization”. Confusing events occur to Kirito in the digital world where he finds memories of a life that feels like his but isn’t. The name Alice resonates from them and he will discover the significance of the mysterious girl.
For those interested in the anime, fans can check out the Alicization seasons on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

The final acquisition in this set it the light novel “Goblin Slayer Side Story II: Dai Katana”. Kumo Kagyu and lack’s spin-off goes a decade into the past of the main story. It tells the legend of the Sword Maiden and what happens in her quest to stop the demonic threat against humans.

As mentioned earlier, there will be more news from Yen Press during Anime Expo Lite 2020. Head over to the schedule to see any updates.