Artist collective Be-PaPas and artist Chiho Saito released new chapters of their 1996 hit manga series “Revolutionary Girl Utena” in 2017. Thanks to VIZ Media, fans will be able to read their continuation in English in the collected book “Revolutionary Girl Utena: After the Revolution.”

Utena Tenjou’s arrival to Ohtori Private Academy brought a shift to the way things were in the world. While searching for the prince she met in the past, she ended up finding a bride, specifically, the Rose Bride Anthy Himemiya. Caught up in a strange battle between others that bear the rose symbols, Utena had to defend both Anthy and herself as she figured out the rules of the school.

“Revolutionary Girl Utena: After the Revolution” dives into the lives of some of the student council members who are now adults. It seems that each have achievements in their careers but something brings them back to Ohtori Academy and meeting a mysterious girl searching for someone.

“After the Revolution” is a must-read for fans who missed the dramatic stories of the series, but should be read after finishing the first pair of books. Those that may pick it up without finishing the main story may not understand some of the situations even though the book provides a brief synopsis. While it was made 20 years after the manga’s first release, artist Chiho Saito definitely shows that she still brings readers into the world she helped create. The original characters are easy to recognize even though they aged and it brings a wave of nostalgia to fans. Each of the chapters tackle a problem the protagonist has within them, questioning their morality and alliances. Though they reach a conclusion, it seems that it’s more open-ended to what happens to the characters. The stories may contain some traumatic content such as death and abuse. Readers discretion is advised. 

For more information on “Revolutionary Girl Utena: After the Revolution”, head over to VIZ’s website and check out the free online preview. VIZ also collected the main story into a set of hardcover books. The anime adaptation is available to watch in both English and Japanese on Funimation.