Featured Image courtesy of Yen Press.

Writer Takashi Nagasaki and Ignito’s 2015 horror series “King of Eden” is available in English thanks to publisher Yen Press.

A peaceful nightly patrol in Andalusia, Spain went terribly wrong when officers discovered mutilated corpses in the town. While investigating, they encountered a strange man who suddenly lit the area in a fiery blaze. With the world filled international terrorist threats, they took the man in for questioning. Teze Yoo was far from his home but needed to be closer to the answers of the mysterious deaths. His actions appeared malicious but they were in humanity’s best intentions to prevent the spread of an ancient disease. He and others must find the source of it and contain it before the world becomes a wolf’s den.

The story of “King of Eden” has a similar feel to Dan Brown’s hit novel “The Da Vinci Code” with its complexities of various folklore, mythology and international settings. It seems that every chapter unravels a new layer to this mystery, providing some answers to the questions many may have.  It would be no surprise to fans of Nagasaki who worked with highly acclaimed creator Naoki Urasawa. There is a lot of tension whether it’s drawn out in a long dialogue about the past or in snippets of suspense during the action. Ignito’s art shines through the detailed illustrations. There are also different styles emulating iconic images and they all match well with this thrilling story. “King of Eden” is a unique blend of classic horror and current crime tales. Reader discretion is highly advised especially those that are faint of heart. There are many scenes depicting gory violence of both humans and animals. There are also some scenes of nudity.

Volume Two of “King of Eden” will be hitting shelves in December 2020. For more information, head over to Yen Press’s website.