All photos and illustrations created by Faith Orcino.

Welcome to the second installment of Fictional Food with Faith!

A dear friend of mine recommended “Kitchen Princess” to me when I told them about my new segment and we were both surprised to find that Kodansha Comics released onmibus versions of the 2004 manga.

This week’s recipe is from Volume Two, Chapter Nine, yogurt mousse.

For those not familiar with “Kitchen Princess”, Najika Kazami is a teenage orphan who wants to become a pastry chef like her parents. She leaves Hokkaido to Tokyo’s prestigious Seika Academy in order to pursue that dream but to also find the boy that saved her from an accident years ago. However her new school life starts a bit hectic and rough, but she must bounce back to be part of the elite Class A.

The mousse is quite a simple thing to make with few main ingredients. It’s one part plain yogurt, one part whipped cream, sugar and a bit of gelatin melted in hot water.

I wasn’t sure if the whipped cream needed to be like heavy whipping cream or already prepared like Cool-Whip. I guessed by looking at the recipe that I should use heavy whipping cream so I used my old reliable hand mixer. It’s not as fancy as an electric one but does the job well.
The key parts to making the mousse is to get the cream to a consistency similar to the yogurt of choice and also mixing the gelatin. The manga states to avoid clumps or it will not blend together well.

Above is the recommended toppings of chopped strawberries with mint garnish. It is a very cool and refreshing treat especially in the summer heat.

The best part about the mousse is that you can pair it with your favorite fruits. When I made a second batch, I had some peaches, blueberries and bananas. You can even lessen the amount of sugar and enjoy it with the natural sweetness from the fruits.

Head over to Kodansha Comics’s website to find where you can grab the first omnibus of “Kitchen Princess” and find this recipe.

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