Featured image courtesy of Crunchyroll.

San Diego International Comic-Con went digital this year in the form of Comic-Con@Home. Instead of heading to the SD convention center, fans of all kinds watched what the industries had to offer in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Streaming anime provider Crunchyroll took part in the Thursday programming, bringing announcements on what the company will be doing in the near future. Director of Events Adam Sheehan and Events Manager Lauren Stevens presented the news.

After a brief introduction about Crunchyroll, Sheehan talked about CR’s own digital event Virtual Crunchyroll Expo. For more information on V-CRX, head over to our article about it and the event’s website. He also talked about how CR is available in HBO Max.

The panel moved on to talk about anime. Stevens first talked about new summer series “Rent-A-Girlfriend”. Based off of Reiji Miyajima’s 2017 manga, it followed Kazuya Kinoshita, a brokenhearted guy who tried out an app where he can rent a girlfriend. He then met Chizuru Mizuhara who was a proud employee. Complications arose when he gave her a low ratings and gradually became more involved in each others’ lives.

The next series was “The God of High School”, an animated adaptation of Yongje Park’s Webtoon series. Jin Mori entered a fighting tournament filled with the strongest students of different practices. He must battle in order to have his wish granted.

Stevens talked about the Crunchyroll online store including its limited-run line CRLoves where they have special collaborations with titles.
Sheehan then spoke about how the store also offers free Zoom backgrounds for fans to download for their video conferences.

The panel went back to talking about shows including the latest season of “Food Wars!” In the Fifth Plate, the cast went to enter the global cooking competition called BLUE. While the young chefs had a lot of experience under their belt, this tournament is on a different level than what they were used to.

The next title introduced was “GIBIATE”, a series where icons of both anime and Japanese music collaborated to make. It was set in a desolate version of 2030 where Gibia was the name of the mysterious illness that turned people into various monsters. Those of the future found their hope in the form of a pair of fighters from the past.

Another anime series returning with a new season was “My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU”. Season 3 or Climax! began the path for the cast to sort out their feelings while maintaining the Service Club.

Sheehan moved on to talk about Crunchyroll’s list of games. “Mass For the Dead” will allow players to fight as their favorite “Overlord” characters. Stevens then announced that the mobile game “Grand Summoners” has its latest collaboration out. This time, players can obtain characters from the hit classic “Yu Yu Hakusho”. The panel talked about “Naruto x Boruto – Ninja Tribes” where players must form teams out of various characters from both titles to battle.

An upcoming title Crunchyroll Studios will be bringing is “Onyx Equinox”. Revealed back in February, the series is a Mesoamerican fantasy where a boy is given a second chance at both life and rescuing his sister. He must help the gods stop the Underworld from rising up.

The anime adaptation of Okina Baba’s light novel “So I’m a Spider, So What?” is another Crunchyroll original that will be arriving in the near future. The isekai featured a student whose classroom was suddenly opened by mysterious forces. When she woke up, she found herself in the body of a spider and must now learn how to fend for herself in this weird world.

“That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” OAD Four is a continuation of Rimuru’s teaching career in OAD Three. Stevens also mentioned that OAD Five will arrive in November.

Sheehan then briefly talked about “How Not to Summon a Demon Lord” Omega, the series’ second season.

Another CR original will be out in October called “TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You”. Adapting “Hayate the Combat Butler” creator Kenjiro Hata’s manga, it follows Nasa Yuzaki. He is an ambitious student but things crashes down for him when he sees his love at first sight. His mysterious crush saves him in exchange for his hand in marriage. However she disappears soon after only to return after years passed.

Sheehan then spoke about manga that will be simulpublished with the help of Kodansha Comics. “Ashidaka – The Iron Hero”, “Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card” and “Ghost in the Shell: The Human Algorithm” will be translated for English readers to enjoy.

The panel went back to talk about more anime.

CR will bring Hidekichi Matsumoto’s online comic “With a Dog And a Cat, Every Day is Fun” in the form of an animated series about dealing with an energetic dog and fussy cat.

The two briefly talked about other upcoming titles “The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter”, which V-CRX will have a panel with some of its staff, and “Ex-Arm”, adaptation of HiRock and Shinya Komi’s 2015 sci-fi manga.

The panel’s final title was “Monster Girl Doctor”. The Summer 2020 anime follows the pages of Yoshino Origuchi’s light novel about Dr. Glenn who must tend to different patients of a variety of species.

The panel wrapped up with special message from Crunchyroll’s General Manager Joanne Waage. She expressed her thanks to the fans during these times of social distancing.