Kiki’s Delivery Service is a life-long, charming classic anime film by the renowned Hayo Miyazaki. Many anime fans have no doubt revisited this film time and time again and had a chance this month at The Los Angeles Anime Film Festival.

The film centers around a young witch named Kiki who, along with her black cat, Jiji, sets off to find a town to live and train in. She comes upon the port town of Koriko and finds a small bakery to call home in exchange for work. She opens a small delivery system and delivers baked goods to customers. Along the way, she befriends many people including an artist who resides in the woods, a kind pregnant baker, a lovely old grandmother and a geeky, young boy, Tombo, who develops feelings for her.

What makes Kiki’s so endearing is the fact that there really is no true villain in the film. Throughout the film we see Kiki grow. We get a feeling of what she is going through; we see her excitements, her anxieties, her depression and her joy. She is all of us when we were teenagers; just trying to figure out her life and the world around her.