While most vocaloid manga available like “Bad∞End∞Night: Insane Party” feature the posterchild of the program Miku Hatsune, there are other titles that show love to other characters. Artists Hiro Tamura and sezu’s “Hatsune Miku: Rin-Chan Now!” puts the spotlight CV02 Rin Kagamine. The two play with hypothetical situations if they as the character Manager lived with Rin Kagamine.

The manga is a playful collection of moments from this fictional living situation. The stories varies in size, ranging from a quick one-page bit to a long adventure. In the afterword, Tamura who created most of the series mentions how he and sezu started their collaboration online, throwing their scenarios through Twitter. He also writes that the series was a relative to the 2011 music video under the same name by OwataP (Garuna). Tamura and sezu also had a hand in the production creating the art and the lyrics respectively. Readers wouldn’t need to watch the video beforehand, but it might help understand the Vocaloids’ quirks. The manga also helps those that have little knowledge about the franchise by providing a small introduction. Overall, “Rin-Chan Now!” is a fun read for those looking for something without a long narrative.

Publisher Dark Horse has listings for all four volumes of this series on their website. Both One and Two are available on shelves while Three will be out late September then the final volume in November. Tamura mentioned in his afterword that sezu made his own “Rin-Chan Now!” manga but it is unknown if an English publisher will pick it up. Visit Dark Horse’s site for more on the series and other Vocaloid related manga.