If someone wants to hide something from anyone, do not let Asashi Kuromine know about it, especially “My Monster Secret.”

This second year student never learned how to keep a proper poker face, and suppressed an abrupt revelation. Because of such transparency, he decided to find his crush, Youko Shiragami, and confess his feelings, even though his friends doubted his chances at a positive reaction. When he approached the usually timid Shiragami in the classroom, he discovered an unlikely secret. Her reserved personality was merely a cover-up to avoid showing her true self as a vampire. She went into panic because if the breach were to reach her father’s ears, she would have to transfer to a different school immediately.

Kuromine realized that this would be the toughest thing he may ever do, but he promised to become Shiragami’s confidant. It was the start of an interesting friendship between the two, and some other mystical members of the school.

The English version of Volume Three from Seven Seas Entertainment will arrive mid-July, having already 17 collected volumes of the original Japanese with a total of 126 chapters released of this ongoing series. Interested fans can also go to Crunchyroll to watch 13 episodes of the anime adaptation under the name “Actually, I am…,” which is a translation of the original Japanese title, “Jitsu wa Watashi wa.”

According to a report by Anime News Network, there was a stage play version of the series from May 11-15 in Tokyo with eight performances. There is no word yet for that will be the next form of this growingly popular manga.

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