Images courtesy of Funimation.

The class of U.A. High returns to the silver screen in the new film “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising”. North American fans will be able to check out this new adventure thanks to Funimation starting on February 26th.

In order to prepare the next generation of heroes, the government allows Class 1-A to be the temporary heroes of the small island of Nabu. The students seem to adjust well with the easy-going lifestyle of the residents but they don’t know the chaos happening back at home. More villains take advantage of the news of All-Might’s retirement and a new one named Nine and his team are set to make the world theirs. While this is their first time facing them, something feels eerily similar to a very menacing foe of the heroes. When the danger hits Nabu Island and there’s little chance of professional support, it is up to the students to step up and protect everyone.

For fans that have been following My Hero Academia for a long time, “Heroes Rising” is a film the perfect film for them. While the students face a lot of challenges and opponents in the main series, this is a story where viewers get to see how they are on their own. Compared to the last film “Two Heroes”, this movie really showcases the abilities of the whole class. Some audience members may have their eyes on their favorites but everyone gets a chance in the spotlight. “Heroes Rising” packs a lot of action but has comedy and some heartfelt moments in the mix. There will be times where you can’t help but laugh out loud or shed a couple of tears. Those that are not caught up with the latest chapters or episodes will not have to worry much. The movie has flashbacks and explanations regarding certain situations but does not spoil too much of the main continuity. Whether or not they’re an anime or My Hero Academia fan, the movie is satisfying to those that want to see underdogs overcome and go plus ultra.

For more information on “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising” and find locations, check out Funimation Films’s website. Fans that want to elevate their viewing experience can watch the film in 4DX. The special effects really emphasize the action but don’t go overboard by focusing on key moments. It will definitely bring a bang for your buck.