Yen Press added artist Rihito Takarai’s 2014 series “Graineliers” to its collection of unique fantasy books.

Seeds were always a source of potential resource but in Takarai’s manga, they also hold various amounts of supernatural power. In order to regulate, people must become official Graineliers to be able to handle and grow them within the national government. However for several years Luca and his father Christophe grew and sold seeds in secrecy. Their activities caught the attention of the police force and they went to the men’s home to apprehend them. Christophe told Luca to flee and consume the seeds. Reaching a safe distance, Luca finished his father’s last command but fainted immediately after. By luck, his dear friend Abel found and hid him from the authorities as the young man slept for two years. When Luca woke, he found that a seed took root in his body and even changed him into a hybrid plant human. Though they understood the risk, both Abel and Luca decided to become Graneliers to learn more of what happened to Luca. While their path may be clear, others lurked in the shadows with possible dark intentions for Luca.

Takarai’s art in “Graineliers” has a fine-line detail and gives texture without extra heaviness. The story already provides a large weight of drama and tension though there are some small moments of comedy. Takarai keeps a lot of information away from both the characters and the readers, letting them learn nearly at the same pace. The theme of bonds seems to be present whether a chapter deals with character relationships or even the strange mutation within Luca’s body. The developments attracts some readers to the story but unlike Takarai’s other series “Ten Count” which is of her main genre, BL, “Graineliers” is more on the action and adventure.

Volume Three of “Graineliers” was released this past May. It is unknown when the next volume will be available here since the latest chapters have yet to be compiled in Japan. Check out Yen Press’s page for more information on the series and when the next installments will be out.