Hell had no fury until ordered his servant to capture a woman with certain qualities in Kamotsu Kamonabe’s manga “Satan’s Secretary”.

The world knew about the ultimate fight between good and evil due to the prophecies. When the fabled hero entered the world, the people thought the demon king would start his menacing attacks. However Satan hit the snooze button and got up a few centuries later. In order to gain some understanding of the world above, he wanted several humans captured. One was a young woman matching what Satan desired physically but she already struck them as bizarre by willingly going to Hell. She worked as a king’s secretary and showed no fear rather a terrifying aura to the demons around her. Instantly she laid down the rules to being Satan’s aide then moving to plan the army’s attack on humanity. With such a person in his kingdom, the dark forces may be the victors in the battle.

Kamonabe presented the comedic fantasy uniquely with such a strong and stoic character. The amount of logistical information was fascinating especially since it countered the “traditions” and old concepts. The clash gave way to many funny moments though it felt there will be an eventual shift to seriousness with the prophesied war. Kamonabe’s world had many intrinsic designs but also put in several Easter eggs that fans of video games, fantasy stories and even Japanese comedy fans will notice. While it may have seemed very compacted with so many elements, the Secretary gave order visually and emotionally to the story.

Readers will have to wait until June 2020 for Volume Two of “Satan’s Secretary”. For those wanting more, VIZ Media has “Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle”. It is a similar tale of sadistic comedy with an unconventional lead. For more information on “Satan’s Secretary”, visit Seven Seas Entertainment’s page.