Hiroaki Yoshikawa’s 2016 two-volume story “Crisis Girls” was an adorable one filled with mischief and mayhem of a fledgling protector.

Crisis City appear to be a normal place if it weren’t for the rampant amount of crime and constant flow of monsters. The local government decided it would be best to tackle their problem with the help of young girls with dark powers. A prolific member was Grave-Digger Kaede, the city’s undertaker and necromancer. While she had a vast knowledge of her grim magic, Kaede was still a ten-year old and had a lot to learn. Even with her dedicated legal guardian Makoto Okabe teaching her how to be good, her selfishness got the best of her. In some bizarre way, Kaeda will save the day no matter how messy it gets.

Yoshikawa brings a unique balance of cuteness and gruesome details. The same is also present between the elements of comedy and action, not letting either muddle too much in the story. Saying that, there is quite a lot packed in the short series. Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment calls it on their website “where monster and magical girl genres collide” and it definitely does. However, instead of the typical sparkles, the magic comes with blood and bones. It fits with the rest of their dark collection like “Magical Girl Site” but with a surprisingly amount of heartwarming storytelling.

The second half of “Crisis Girls” came out in October 2018. For more information, visit Seven Seas Entertainment’s website. It’s a perfect series to pick up for those who has Halloween Season year-round.