Artist Nylon joined Studio BONES with writer Sho Aikawa to adapt the 2015 anime ““Concrete Revolutio ~Chojin Genso~” into a manga. Seven Seas Entertainment combined the two-volume series into one omnibus book for easy reading.

The world during the Apotheosis Era may look like a normal one, but even those with the keenest sense might not be able to detect the “Superhumans” that walk amongst them. Beings with abilities including extraterrestrials, supernatural creatures and those with mutations are under the category and must choose between having a normal civilian life or take up a public persona to fight crime. However some take the unlisted choice of making crime and it is up to the Superhuman Bureau to make sure that things won’t get out of hand. Young Kikko Hoshino is a witch who just wants to keep her job at the cafe. However fate has different plans for the middle schooler as Bureau agent Jiro Hitohoshi takes a seat in the cafe in order to intercept a spy’s secret rendezvous. When things go out of hand, Kikko steps in and uses her magic to apprehend the criminal. Thus ends her waitress days and begins her career as the newest agent of the Superhuman Bureau.

Readers who pick up the manga will not necessarily need to watch the anime. While both share most of the same stories in the first part, the book eventually goes on its own path. Those that seen the show will instantly notice the deviation, but staying on one storyline and not adding an extra complex subplot keeps the story easy to follow. It is sometimes better to deal with one troublesome mission at a time than having a mess of drama in the background. Due to it being a very short series, it narrowly focuses on Kikko and Jiro. Those interested in the other characters would have to watch the episodes to learn more about them. Nylon’s art is more of the “moe” modern style compared to the slightly older style in the anime, the essential visual details are present. The only shame art-wise is that the manga’s interiors are in black and white instead of the array of colors in the show. Still, this adaptation give readers an overall satisfying story packed with action and mystery.

Funimation has all 24 episodes available for streaming in Japanese with English subtitles. Viewers discretion is advised due to its “Mature” rating since it has some nudity, some scenes of a sexual nature and bloody violence. Luckily the manga is rated “Teens” so readers that are a bit younger can check it out. For more information, check out Seven Seas Entertainment’s site.