VIZ Media added Kagiji Kumanomata’s 2016 manga “Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle” that flips the script with his damsel in distress.

Chaos set upon the kingdom of Goodereste when the Demon King took Princess Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste or “Syalis”. He held her hostage in exchange for world domination. The people rallied with their hero as they plan to rescue her though they do not realize the truth of the princess’s condition. The Demon King safely confined the young Princess Syalis to once of the spare cells and made sure her needs were taken care of. She liked his courteous treatment but all the racket within the dark kingdom prevented her from having restful sleep. Her desire for slumber forced her to be creative in getting resources. Luckily the castle had many interesting creatures and items just wanting for her to find.

“Sleepy Princess” explores other side of the classic rescuing hero story. After diving deeper into the manga, it takes more from old video games like “Legend of Zelda” especially since the Demon King sets obstacles along with items for the hero to come in contact with in his quest. Kumanomata plays with many creatures found in those games and stories and how Syalis’s fierce ingenuity turns them into her ultimate bedroom. Her selfishness leads to many funny moments as she becomes the true menace within the demon castle.

Volume Three of “Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle” will hit shelves in October 2018 with Four coming out before the new year. For more information, visit VIZ Media’s webpage.