Publisher Yen Press recently translated Haruto Ryo’s 2010 horror manga “Ibitsu” for readers who want a good scare.

Rumors float around about a deathly pale girl in a gothic lolita outfit appearing in trash collection areas. Sadly for Kazuki Itou, he picks up on the word about her shortly after meeting her late at night. He hears that she desires to become the person’s new little sister and brings a terrible end to her older “sibling”. Little does he know that his fate was already sealed from that evening and his “sister” starts to slide her way into his life. Kazuki must find a way to escape the grasp of the ghoulish girl while protecting those close to him that stand in her path.

“Ibitsu” gives an uneasy feeling right at the start and ramps up the action when Kazuki hits the ground running. Ryo’s art has a clean look and close attention to detail, especially with the ragged look of the gothic lolita girl. However, he keeps certain things hidden both in the art and in the writing to maintain some suspense. Horror fans may be able to piece the whole story with ease but it is more about seeing the demise of those trapped in the demon’s web. While the girl’s tale is the main focus, “Ibitsu” has two other shorter stories that are also deal with gruesome urban legends. The manga is not one for the faint of heart due to the amount of bloody violence and traumatic abuse. Reader discretion is highly advised and its “Mature” rating should noted.

For more information on “Ibitsu”, visit Yen Press’s page.