Anime Expo spices up their musical entertainment by hosting a unique nighttime party at the convention center, Neon District on Monday July 3rd. Thanks to the collective Attack the Music, the ticketed event will have a setlist filled with songs from both international and domestic producers.

J-Music and anime fans may recognize projects ☆Taku Takahashi and TeddyLoid worked on such as GAINAX’s “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt”. The two had different paths for their music careers before converging into the anime series. Takahashi was one of the founding members of m-flo, a hip-hop group that collaborated with many including BoA, Crystal Kay and MONKEY MAJIK. Some of his other notable ventures included creating, a Dance Music outlet for Japan and establishing the label TCY Recording. An artist signed under the label is TeddyLoid who used to work for J-rocker and actor MIYAVI. The young producer worked on PSG’s soundtrack under Takahashi as his music director. Some western fans may remember his song in Hibiki Yoshizaki’s “ME!ME!ME” animated short from Studio khara and Dwango’s Anima(tor)’s Expo, but he also recently provided the ending theme song for Studio Trigger’s “Space Patrol Luluco”.

Other talented artists from Japan include young producer banvox, electronic trio Pa’s Lam System, DJ duo Massive New Krew and and veteran musician Ram Rider who will dazzle with an amazing light show. Also performing at Neon District will be R3LL who will bring his Jersey Club beats to the West Coast.

As mentioned before, those who want to go to Neon District must have a ticket. A beer garden will be there and AX mentions on its site that attendees at the District must be at least 18 years old. All VIP options are sold out, but general admission ones are still available. Attack the Music will also be having a special artist showcase dubbed conXion Saturday night July 1st. Featured artists include: bansheebeat, Hikeii, James Landino, kiraku, KO3, Ujico*/Snail House and voia. For more information, visit Anime Expo’s website.