Attendees of this year’s AX will have the opportunity to watch Director Sunao Katabuchi’s latest film “In This Corner of the World”, shown by Shout! Factory Films and Funimation Films with U.K distributor Animatsu. A special Q&A session with Katabutchi will follow right after the film on Sunday July 2nd at 5:00-8:00 P.M. in room LP4/LACC 411.

The movie follows the original manga under the same title by Fumiyo Kouno and takes a look at the newlywed Suzu Urano as she settles in her husband’s household. However, this is the least of her worries as the biggest waves of World War II approaches her home. The fallout from the major event that turns the tides of the war also deeply affects Suzu deeply but it is up to her to find strength and motivation for survival. The film brings Kouno’s illustrations to life and both carry a lightness as it brings a heavy story to its audience.

Here’s the official America trailer:

The manga received an award of Excellence at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival while the film earned many including “Animation of the Year” at the 40th Japan Academy Prize and several from festivals.

For those unable to go to AX will be able to see this film (Japanese audio with English subtitles) later starting on August 11th. Manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment will be releasing Kouno’s manga in November, according to Amazon.