Young Kurumi Sagara receives her present early when she unexpectedly meets a peculiar guy named Kaito. She tries to go on her merry way, but notices a strange rein that connects the two of them. Kaito reveals that Kurumi is his master because every reindeer needs his destined Santa Claus. Some would be overjoyed with such news, but Kurumi finds her new job and partner more of a nuisance. However, the fledgling delivery girl will find out there’s more to holiday gift-giving than the wrapping paper and bows.

Tsukuba is no stranger to putting unique magical twists to her romantic stories. Former imprint of DC Comics, CMX published two of Tsukuba’s longer works, “Land of the Blindfold” and “Penguin Revolution.” Compared to the mentioned titles, “Sweet Rein” is a short, but very sweet series with three volumes. Fans of other supernatural romances might find Kurumi and Kaito’s relationship similar to that of Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi, especially how Kurumi uses the powers of the rein. Each of the chapters have many funny moments but also lessons on charity and maturity.

For those interested in reading “Sweet Rein,” Viz Media’s imprint Shojo Beat released all three volumes in English. Visit Viz’s site for more information or check out your local manga vendor to see if they have this on the shelf. Gift yourself a heartwarming story of a Santa Claus and her devoted reindeer.